Holly Rae Jones is a photographer and creative, living in London.


‘Cloud Gazing’
Published 2023, Bronze Age Editions. 

In her debut photo book, ‘Cloud Gazing', Holly Rae Jones leads us through a dreamy and hedonistic world scattered with clues of the decadence of the past. Vending machines dispensing only bouquets of flowers, karaoke booths with ancient patterned wallpaper, sun-bleached Hollywood shop window displays. These images - at times bordering on kitsch - are fascinated with tired consumerism and have a sad but celebratory quality to them. Nothing is straightforward in the world that Jones crafts; she asks the viewer whether the clouds they are gazing at are a picture of clouds or a picture of a picture of clouds.
The photographs in this book are augmented with graphics from Hope Roalfe.